6th FAI Women’s World Gliding Championships.

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Closing ceremony

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Congratulations to our new world champions:

Also our congratulations to the Danish team for winning the Team Cup.

Well, now after the closing ceremony everybody is taking farewell from old and new friends. Good bye, nice to have had you here in Arboga, hope you had a good time (we certainly enjoyed every minute of it) and welcome back!

Last Updated on Sunday, 26 June 2011 11:30


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With today's results from Standard class and 15-meter class, the final results in Club class, Standard class and 15-meter class are now officially unofficial. The chart below shows the results of the Team Cup.

(We will spare the congratulations until all results are official, but anyway - good job, all!!!)



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In total we had 40 outlandings, 2 technical outlandings and 2 pilots returning to the field shortly after going over the startline. The distances achieved in Club class will not be sufficient to declare a competition day, but for Standard class and 15-meter class we have a competition day with day factor 1 and max points 540.

The results here and on SoaringSpot will be continuously updated. 


Party moved to 20:30

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We will start the party at 20:30. This is a preliminary time and might need to be adjusted, depending on if all outlanders managed to return.



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So far we have received 13 reports of outlandning. The results tables here and on SoaringSpot are continuously updated. For outlanded pilots we have entered preliminary distance values in the respective table.

Last Updated on Saturday, 25 June 2011 17:24
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Welcome to the homepage of the 6th Women’s World Gliding Championships. The championships will be held in Club, Standard and 15m class.

The maximum numbers of competitors are 73 including the three current Champions and the maximum numbers in any class are 30.

Important dates:

28th of February; preliminary entry
15st of April; official entry
11th of June; official training
15 - 25th of June; competition
26th of June; prize giving

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